emamimaはナカタニマミが立ち上げ、自らデザインと制作を日本で行っています。天然素材を使ったユニセックス で着けられるジュエリーとバッグの他に、2015年より指輪をすき込んだ和紙のパッケージやバッグとして持ち運べて机として使える(酒飲みセット)など個人的な空間も創造する道具となるような物も制作を開始。見て、触れて、想像して。金属、革、木、和紙などの素材と対話するように製作しているハンドメイドのジュエリーやバッグ。物語性や詩的な表現を通して作品と人、人と人が繋がっていくことへの願いが込められています。

The brand "emamima" was founded in 2003 by Mami Nakatani, who designs and makes all her products in Japan.She changed the direction of the brand in 2015 and started making products that also become tools to create your own space. These include jewelry and bags made with natural materials, packaging with rings inside Japanese traditional paper (washi),or a bag that also functions as a desk (sake-drinking kit).
The designer, Mami Nakatani, finds inspiration in what she sees, feels, and imagines.Her jewelry and bags are made through her dialogue with the materials she uses such as metal, leather, wood, or Japanese traditional paper. Her wish is that the stories and poetic expressions in her work will connect the products with people as well as people with other people.






Country : JAPAN
Price Range : Jewelry:7,000円 ~ 40,000円  Bag : 15,000円 ~ 50,000円      
Order Deadline :  
Contact : mail
URL : www.emamima.com
SNS : Instagram
Communication Language :

Japanese, English

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