Company : 上海蓝颜知已商贸有限公司(上海会社)

オーダーメイドブランドの創設者兼チーフデザイナーであるJasmine(武漢大学)、イタリアのメンズウェアカスタマイズ企業で就職、業界第一のIstituto Marangoniにて研修、ファッションウィークでデザインを学び、長年積み重ねた経験と独自のスタイルを構築し、デザインだけではなく、男性のエレガンスを引き出すことに専念。スタジオは、1000年続いたパターン、カッティング、手縫いでの仕上がりにこだわり、Eemenegildo Zegna、Scabal、Marzoniなど世界的に有名な生地サプライヤーと協業するかたわら、英国のロイヤルファミリーに従事していた職人、Simon、タジオに招かれ、上海とイタリアが融合したユニークなスーツ仕立て上げる。                                           

Ms. Jasmine, founder and chief designer of Blue-Confidant customized top-grade man suit, was graduated from Wuhan University.In her early years, she worked for an Italian menswear custom company,during this time, she attended to many major fashion weeks in Italian and French. After this work, she engaged in advanced study in Istituto Marangoni,which is to train professionals and technicians who were highly specialized in the world of fashion. With these special experiences and her unique eye to match the man clothes and understanding, Blue-confidant studio officially established, not only for design, but also to introduce an elegant lifestyle to every client, to bring out the best look for them.The studio insists to follow the method which adopted for over a century for pattern cutting and hand sewn workmanship. And we are now cooperating with world-renowned fabric suppliers such as Eemenegildo Zegna, Scabal,Marzoni,ect. Meanwhile, a world-class dressmaker Simon who worked for British Royal family has invited into this studio.Mixing Italy and Shanghai, making unique suits for you!






Country : China
Price Range : 20,000円~500,000円          
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Japanese, English, Chinese

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